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Welcome to AZFandom.org, a site dedicated to Arizona fandom from its beginnings in the late 1960s to its future in the years to come.

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AZ Fandom represented at Phoenix Comic Fest at the Apocalypse Later table in Artist Alley and handed out brand new postcards. Many thanks to Jason Drotman for making these happen.

It was fantastic to talk to so many fans who are becoming aware that there are a lot of different events here in state. I hope to keep shouting that message at other conventions too. Maybe it's time to start hosting AZ Fandom fan tables. Let me know what you think!


This site couldn't have been put together without the valuable input of many. Many thanks to you all!

Everything here is hosted by the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls.

Information sources on top of individual convention websites include Anime Cons, Arizona Postal History, CASFS, Coming Attractions, CthulthuWho1's Blog, Down in Flames, Dragon magazine at Ann Archive, Fancyclopedia, Fan Lore, Flagstaff Central, GeekCalendar, HobbySpace, LepreCon, Inc., Nerdvana, ThePulp.Net, A Science Fiction Convention Attendance Chronology, SmofInfo, Space Access Society, Tenth Letter of the Alphabet, TusCon's Illustrated History Pages, Westercon, WesternSFA, WikiFur and Wikipedia.

Thanks to Anna at Glendale Public Library, Stephanie Bannon, Richard Bolinski, Mark Boniece, Jon Bonnell, Craig Dyer, Bruce Farr, Greg Fennell, Margaret Grady, Matthew Hunt, Khurt Khave, Neil Kotler, Scott Malcomson, Victor Moreno, Rowan Wakefield and Mike Willmoth for providing further corrections and filling in gaps.

Special thanks to Terry Ballard, Stephanie Bannon, David Bell, Cathy Book, Lyle Dillie, Jason Drotman, Tony Ewing, Gary Farber, Bruce Farr, Michael Fett, Wolf Forrest, Jeff George, Margaret Grady, Ron Hyde, Khurt Khave, Andrew Long, Sue Martin, Bob Nelson, Mandy Parker, Doc Skinner, Paul Tanton, Larry Vela, Rowan Wakefield, Mike Willmoth and Jason Youngdale for providing digital files and/or physical material I could turn into them.

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