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AdventureCon seems to be an early version of what Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest would become, especially given that it was held at the Cardinals stadium: a comic book convention with many vendors and some media guests.

It was run by the out of state organisation that hosted AdventureCons in other cities, primarily Tennessee.

Originally slated for 25-26 October 2008, it was moved to the following spring a month out from the event.

Here's an archived version of their website (archive.org) from 28 Aug 2008 (with no images).


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web
1 2009
30 May
31 May
University of Phoenix Stadium
David Prowse
Kevin Sorbo
Neil Kaplan
William Katt


AdventureCon 1

AZSF Blog (Unknown, 25 Sep 2008)

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