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AGOG, which stands for 'A Gathering of Gamers', was an annual gaming convention in Tucson, run by Gamer's Haven, that usually happened on the President's Day weekend. It may be the oldest gaming con in Arizona after Flying Buffalo Con.

This gaming con page suggests that it was later renamed to OmniCon.

There is a contemporary 'A Gathering of Gamers' that uses the same acronym that's run by Mensa in Chicago, but I can't see a connection between the two events at this time. It may only date back to 2010.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web
1 1988

2 1989

3 1990

4 1991

5 1992

6 1993

7 1994

8 1995
10 Feb
12 Feb
Tucson Convention Center
9 1996

10 1997

11 1998
16 Jan
18 Jan
Ramada Inn University
Terri New

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