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CoKoCon (cokocon.org) is an active traditional science fiction/fantasy convention in Phoenix, founded in 2018.

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Phandom (Phoenix fandom) in 2017 was at an odd high and low. On the high side, LepreCon, Inc. was hosting Westercon 70, a regional convention that moves around the western third of North America, so we were entertaining many out of state fans who were enjoying what we do here. On the low side, that looked like it for a couple of years.

There have been three local fandom groups for many years. LepreCon, Inc. was still running LepreCon, but it was slated to be a very different sort of event for the following two years, hosted in an art gallery. CASFS (the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society) hadn't run a CopperCon since 2014, because of financial constraints. And the WesternSFA, who had run a variety of events over a decade and change, hadn't run one for a while.

Hal Astell (that's me) decided that the fifth largest city in the US ought to have a traditional science fiction convention, so reached out to the WesternSFA to see if they'd be willing to sponsor a new one, with many of the core staff from the successful Westercon 70. When dates led us to Labor Day, the regular slot for the still on hiatus CopperCon, this nascent event reached out to CASFS to see if they would co-sponsor. Both groups were up for the challenge.

Thus, the name is a portmanteau of CopperCon and ConKopelli. CASFS had hosted annual CopperCons from 1981 to 2014. ConKopelli was the friendly name given to the WesternSFA's Westercon in 2004.

CoKoCon aims to bring consistency to Phoenix science fiction conventions by retaining the same core details year on year, as TusCon does in Tucson. Hal and Dee Astell alternate as chair for the WesternSFA; the CASFS chair is elected annually and has been Mark Boniece thus far. CoKoCon also inherits CopperCon's core focus on books and authors to complement LepreCon's core focus on art.

While the events are numbered in the table below for consistency and convenient reference, CoKoCons are traditionally referred to by year, e.g. CoKoCon 2019.

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Most Recent Program Book Covers

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Cover art (left to right) was by Gilead and Steve Rude.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chairs Guests Book Web Notes
1 2018
31 Aug
3 Sep
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North
Hal C. F. Astell
Mark Boniece
Author: Harry Turtledove
Artist: Steve Rude
Local Author: Beth Cato
Filk: Cheshire Moon
Gaming: Eric Wile

45 MB
2 2019
30 Aug
2 Sep
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North
Dee Astell
Mark Boniece
Local Author: Emily Devenport
Weird Science: Professor Sparks
Artist: Gilead
Filk: Alexander James Adams

46 MB
3 2020
4 Sep
7 Sep
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix Tempe
Hal C. F. Astell
Mark Boniece
Author: Steven Barnes
Local Author: Linda Addison
Filk: S. J. Tucker
4 2021
4 Sep
7 Sep
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix Tempe
Dee Astell
Mark Boniece
Author: Seanan McGuire
Filk: Margaret & Kristoph


  1. Eric Wile was unable to attend CoKoCon 2018.
  2. CoKoCon 2020 was cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19.

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