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Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend


Arizona's regular steampunk convention, Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, was on the last weekend in 2020 before COVID-19 prompted the calendar to empty, but it wisely cancelled early for 2021, skipping a year to 2022. With the prospect of no steampunk event in Arizona in 2021, local steampunk celebrity Madame Askew announced a Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend, to be held virtually in Discord. As it turned out, Wild Wild West Steampunk Online was later announced for March, on Zoom, and we ended up with two steampunk events for the price of free!

This one was co-hosted by a number of groups and people with close ties to Madame Askew: the Tea Scouts, the Temporal Entourage, the Tucson Steampunk Society and the Grand Arbiter.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web Notes
1 2021
9 Apr
11 Apr

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