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DarkCon (darkcon.org) is a convention dedicated to fantasy and science fiction with a taste for different subgenres and a penchant for parties. It originally aimed to happen every other year to alternate with CorsairCon, but soon outlasted it. It's run by The Dark Ones, Inc. (darkones.org).

While the events are numbered in the table below for consistency and convenient reference, DarkCons are traditionally referred to by year, eg DarkCon 1995.

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Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chair GoHs Book Web Notes
1 1995
21 Jul
23 Jul
The Grace Inn
Jeff Jennings Author: Simon Hawke
Artist: Davin Lavikka
Music: Joe Bethancourt

23 MB
2 1999
25 Jun
27 Jun
San Marcos Resort
Craig McKenzie Author: George Clayton Johnson
Author: William F. Nolan
Music: Garry Siler Band
Artist: Michele Ellington
Local Artist: Larry Vela
Fan: Dave Foster

55 MB
3 2004
8 Jan
11 Jan
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Mark Boniece Artist: Diana Vick
69 MB
4 2007
4 Jan
7 Jan
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Nola Yergen Media: Jewel Staite
5 2010
15 Jan
17 Jan
Grace Inn
Jan Ali Media: Martin Klebba
6 2012
12 Jan
15 Jan
Phoenix Marriott
Jeff Jennings Author: Jacqueline Carey
Media: Ernie Hudson
Media: Meg Foster
Artist: Madame M
Game Designer: Ken St. Andre
Game Designer: John Wick
Artist: Mark Greenawalt
Artist: Ruth Thompson

6 MB
7 2014
9 Jan
12 Jan
Phoenix Airport Marriott
Mark Boniece Media: Adrian Paul
10 MB
8 2015
26 Jun
28 Jun
private residence
Jeff Jennings 2


  1. Ruth Thompson was unable to attend DarkCon 2012 because of illness.
  2. DarkCon 2015 was an invite-only in-house event for Dark Ones to celebrate 20 years of their event and was not open to the public.

Other Documents

Index of Ephemera

DarkCon 1995

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DarkCon 1999

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DarkCon 2007

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DarkCon 2010

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DarkCon 2012

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DarkCon 2014

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Bulletin January 2014 (3 MB)
Event Survey (899k)
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Gaming Grid (7 MB)
Map (805k)
Membership Registration Form (603k)
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Program Book Covers

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