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LepreCon (leprecon.org) is an active annual science fiction convention, usually held in the Phoenix metropolitan area, that's had a special focus on art since LepreCon 7 in 1981.

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LepreCon was first held in Phoenix in March 1975, making it the second oldest active science fiction convention in Arizona, five months younger than TusCon, and the oldest active convention in Phoenix, now that Flying Buffalo Con has ceased to be.

Its early days are well documented in Bill Patterson's memoir, The Little Fandom That Could (fanac.org). Initially, it grew out of clubs and other fandom activity that had started up in Phoenix in late 1968, just out of a wish to have a convention. This core group included Greg & Hilde Brown, Curt Stubbs, Tim Kyger and Patterson himself, though most of the local fans at the time were involved in some form.

Ambition was clearly there too, because LepreCon III was held at the Grand Canyon, with the Guest of Honor, Robert Silverberg, memorably walking through the snow in his sandals, and this core group was already bidding to host Westercon in 1978, a bid that ended up winning the Worldcon instead. Four years from first sf/f con to running the largest Worldcon ever at that point is truly insane and Iguanacon II, as it was called, became a creature of legend, for both good and bad reasons. The core group changed massively at this point.

That wasn't the only important change. According to Terry Gish's LepreCon in Retrospective - The Last Five Years, published in the LepreCon 11 program book, it was during the planning of LepreCon VII in 1981 that the convention took on its now traditional focus on art.

Barry Bard, Zetta Dillie and Gish herself attended EquiCon in Los Angeles, where they discussed where LepreCon was going. AlterCon, the hastily organised fan gathering that replaced the cancelled LepreCon VI, sold $1,700 of art with an attendance of only 100 people, so they decided to aim at an art focus going forward. LepreCon VII reached almost $4,000 in art sales and the rest is history. CopperCon, started in 1981, and CoKoCon, much later, have a complementary focus on authors.

The list of Guests of Honor, let alone participants, is a Who's Who of sf/f authors, artists, filkers and others, starting with Larry Niven in 1975. It's only been cancelled twice, each time replaced by a fan gathering called AlterCon. LepreCon 35 was deliberately a fan gathering, as LepreCon, Inc. had sponsored two other major events in 2009.

Initially, LepreCon happened because fans made it happen. The parent organisation, LepreCon, Inc. (leprecon.org), wasn't founded until 1983, incorporated by Pati Cook, Terry Gish and Paul Schauble. It became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2015, having been an Arizona non-profit before then.

Since becoming a non-profit, LepreCon, Inc. has hosted 36 further LepreCons (as of 2019); a gaming convention called Conflagration, in 2012; the 41st Nebula Awards Weekend, in 2006; the first North American Discworld Convention, in 2009; Westercons 62 and 70, in 2009 and 2017 respectively; and both the World Fantasy Convention and the World Horror Convention in 2004.

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Most Recent Program Book Covers

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Cover art (left to right) by Baron Dixon, Lubov and Julie Dillon.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web Notes
1 1975
14 Mar
16 Mar
Quality Inn
Greg Brown Author: Larry Niven
2 1976
19 Mar
21 Mar
Ramada Inn
Greg Brown Author: Roger Zelazny
Toastmaster: F. M. Busby

29 MB
3 1977
11 Mar
13 Mar
Kachina & Thunderbird Lodges
Grand Canyon
Barry Bard Author: Robert Silverberg
Toastmistress: Marion Zimmer Bradley
4 1978
17 Mar
19 Mar
Los Olivos Hotel
M. R. Hildebrand Pro: Poul Anderson
Fan: Fred Haskell
Toastmistress: Carolyn Thompson

19 MB
5 1979
4 May
6 May
Quality Inn
Ken St. Andre Pro: Ian Ballantine
Fan: Skip Olson
6 1980
2 May
4 May
Hyatt Regency
Randy Rau Pro: Gordon R. Dickson
Fan: Milt Stevens
Toastmaster: Terry Carr
7 1981
Caravan Inn
Barry Bard Artist: Alicia Austin
Fan: Bruce Miller
8 1982
14 Apr
16 Apr
Caravan Inn
Zetta Dillie Artist: George Barr
Fan: Jan Howard Finder
Toastmaster: Bill Rotsler

25 MB
9 1983
20 May
22 May
Ramada TowneHouse
Terry Gish Artist: Frank Kelly Freas
Author: Jack Williamson
Fan: Elayne Pelz
Toastmaster: Bill Rotsler

44 MB
10 1984
20 Apr
22 Apr
Hyatt Regency
Pati Cook Artist: Real Musgrave
Special: C. J. Cherryh
Fan: Sleepyhawk Simila

32 MB
11 1985
5 Apr
7 Apr
Hyatt Regency
Clif Baird Artist: Lela Dowling
Author: G. Harry Stine
Author: Lee Correy
Fan: Roy Tackett

53 MB
12 1986
29 May
1 Jun
Ramada Inn East
Terry Gish Artist: Kim Poor
Author: Jo Clayton
Fan: Peggy Crawford
Special: Jennifer Roberson

67 MB
13 1987
5 Jun
7 Jun
Hyatt Regency
Eric Hanson Artist: Phil Foglio
Author: Raymond Feist
Fan: Susan Potter

50 MB
14 1988
1 Apr
3 Apr
Hyatt Regency
Ray Gish Artist: Alan Gutierrez
Author: Steven Barnes
Fan: Richard Wright

42 MB
15 1989
14 Apr
16 Apr
Hyatt Regency
Sam Stubbs Artist: Richard Hescox
Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Fan: Sue Thing

31 MB
16 1990
13 Apr
16 Apr
Phoenix Sheraton
Eric Hanson Artist: Jim Fitzpatrick
Author: Rick Cook
Fan: Cristi Simila

40 MB
17 1991
3 May
5 May
Safari Resort
Dave & Kim Hiatt Artist: Rowena Morrill
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Author: Melinda Snodgrass
Local Artist: Deb Dedon
Local Artist: Earl Billick

59 MB
18 1992
27 Mar
29 Mar
Celebrity Hotel
Eric Hanson Artist: Liz Danforth
Author: Michael A. Stackpole

27 MB
19 1993
4 Jun
6 Jun
Camelview Resort
Doug Cosper Artist: Sue Dawe
Author: S. P. Somtow
Local Artist: Katrine Cady

26 MB
20 1994
Pati Cook 3
21 1995
26 May
29 May
Francisco Grande Hotel
Casa Grande
Dave & Kim Hiatt Artist: Laura Brodian Freas
Author: D. C. Fontana
Special Spouse: Frank Kelly Freas
Special Artist: Nancy Strowger
Science: Charles 'Les' Johnson
Filk: Barry & Sally Childs-Helton

42 MB
22 1996
17 May
19 May
Francisco Grande Hotel
Casa Grande
Jay Patton Artist: Bob Eggleton
Author: Tracy Hickman
Local Artist: Liz Danforth
Media: Mojo
Toastmaster: Michael A. Stackpole
Filk: Mitchell & T. J. Burnside Clapp

33 MB
23 1997
16 May
18 May
Francisco Grande Hotel
Casa Grande
Charles Jarvis Artist: Kevin Ward
Author: Dave Wolverton
Local Artist: Leslie D'Allesandro Hill
Fan: Doug Cosper & Julie Douglas
Filk: The L.A. Filkharmonics
Media: George Johnsen

32 MB
24 1998
15 May
17 May
Francisco Grande Hotel
Casa Grande
Ray Gish Artist: Janny Wurts
Author: Tim Powers
Local Artist: Cathie Yankovich
Media: Marc Scott Zicree
Filk: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Special: Don Maitz

24 MB
25 1999
14 May
16 May
Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort
Pat Connors Artist: Michael Whelan
Author: Larry Niven
Local Artist: Robert Peacock
Filk: Lynn Gold

57 MB
26 2000
19 May
21 May
Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort
Dave Hungerford Artist: Lubov
Author: John DeChancie
Local Artist: Larry Vela
Filk: Marilyn Miller

44 MB
27 2001
18 May
20 May
Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort
Mark Boniece Artist: Stephen Hickman
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Local Artist: Robert Ross
Music: Echo's Children

58 MB
28 2002
17 May
19 May
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Lee Whiteside Artist: Monte M. Moore
Author: Peter David
Local Artist: James G. Reade
Music: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

59 MB
29 2003
16 May
18 May
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Shahn Cornell Artist: Larry Elmore
Author: Charles de Lint
Local Artist: Madame M
Media Technical: Richard Coyle
Music: Karen Willson

85 MB
30 2004
7 May
9 May
Sheraton Crescent Hotel
Mark Boniece Artist: Donato Giancola
Author: David Drake
Special Artist: John Eaves
Local Artist: Sylvana Anderson-Gish
Music: Mara Brener

56 MB
31 2005
6 May
8 May
Carefree Resort
Larry Vela Artist: Dave Dorman
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Local Artist: Sarah Clemens
Special Artist: Bear Burge
Music: Mitchell Burnside Clapp

92 MB
32 2006
5 May
7 May
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Larry Vela Artist: Alan M. Clark
Author: John Vornholt
Special Media: Bill Blair
Local Artist: Gilead
Music: Bill Laubenheimer

95 MB
33 2007
11 May
13 May
Phoenix Marriott Mesa
Shahn Cornell Artist: Jael
Author: Karen Traviss
Local Artist: Nola Yergen-Jennings
Music: Emma Bull

80 MB
34 2008
9 May
11 May
Francisco Grande Hotel
Casa Grande
Liz Hanson Artist: Howard Tayler
Authors: Emily & Ernest Hogan
SPFX Makeup: David Ayers
Local Artist: Liz Danforth
Special Media: Chase Masterson

54 MB
35 2009
2 Oct
4 Oct
Phoenix Marriott Mesa
Ethan Moe 4
36 2010
14 May
16 May
Phoenix Marriott Mesa
Lee Whiteside Artist: Charles Vess
Author: George R. R. Martin
Local Artist/Author: James A. Owen
Music: Emma Bull

18 MB
37 2011
6 May
8 May
Tempe Mission Palms
Lee Whiteside Artist: John Picacio
Author: Elizabeth Bear
Author: Sarah Monette
Music: Seanan McGuire

25 MB
38 2012
6 Apr
8 Apr
Tempe Mission Palms
Mark Boniece Artist: Franchesco
Author: Joe Haldeman
Local Artist: Mark Greenawalt
Special Media: Stephen Furst
Music: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Gaming: Todd VanHooser

15 MB
39 2013
9 May
12 May
Phoenix Marriott Mesa
Donald Jacques
Patti Hultstrand
Artist: Raymond Swanland
Author: Jack McDevitt
Art Industry: Jon Schindehette
Virtual: Michael Moorcock
Music: Nancy Freeman
Ghost: Ray Bradbury

3 MB
40 2014
8 May
11 May
Phoenix Marriott Mesa
Donald Jacques Artist: Steam Crow
Author: Gail Carriger
Local Art Industry: Krysta Crawford

28 MB
41 2015
25 Jun
28 Jun
Embassy Suites Phoenix North
Paul Tanton Artist: Ken Kelly
Music: The Harp Twins
Special Artist: Larry Hama
Gaming: Jennifer Brozek
Local Artist: Victor Moreno
Author: Dayton Ward
Author: David Gerrold

7 MB
42 2016
23 Jun
26 Jun
Park Terrace Suites
Amanda Parker Sequential Artist: Jennie Breeden
Writer: D. C. Fontana
Game Designer: Shanna Germain
Local Artist: Dain Q. Gore
Local Game Designer: Ben Woerner
Fan: Gary Swaty

2 MB
43 2017
1 Jul
4 Jul
Tempe Mission Palms
Dee Astell Artist: Julie Dillon
Local Artist: Tom Deadstuff
Author: Connie Willis
Local Author: Gini Koch
Fans: Val & Ron Ontell
Filk: Tim Griffin
Science: Henry Vanderbilt
Special Artist: Larry Elmore
Special Media: John & Bjo Trimble
Toastmaster: Weston Ochse

87 MB
44 2018
22 Jun
24 Jun
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North
Woody Bernardi Artist: Lubov
Local Artist: Jon Santaanta Proudstar
Writer: Maxwell Alexander Drake
Gaming: Eric Wile
Filk: Open Beta
Comic Book Writer: Alex Pescador
Comic Book Artist: Shea 'Bird' Robinson
James C. Glass

14 MB
45 2019
18 Apr
21 Apr
DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North
Dee Astell Local Artist: Baron Dixon
Author: Maya Bohnhoff
Costuming: Madame Askew
Filk: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

34 MB
46 2020
10 Apr
12 Apr
Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort
Mark Boniece Artist: James A. Owen
Author: Robert R. McCammon
Local Artist: David Ayres
Filk: Margaret & Kristoph
Science: Dr. David Williams
Toastmaster/Author: Weston Ochse
47 2021
19 Mar
21 Mar
LepreCon, Inc. Board Artist: Jeffrey Veregge 8
48 2022
17 Mar
20 Mar
Paul Tanton 9


  1. LepreCon 6 was cancelled three weeks out because of hotel problems. A 'hastily organized relaxicon', AlterCon, replaced it.
  2. Donald A. Wollheim cancelled for health reasons.
  3. LepreCon 20 was cancelled, again because of hotel problems. AlterCon replaced it for a second time.
  4. LepreCon 35 was a fan gathering only as LepreCon, Inc. had already sponsored two regional conventions in 2009, the first North American Discworld Convention and Westercon 62. Folks were tired.
  5. LepreCon 43 was also Westercon 70 and was branded as ConAlope.
  6. Michael Fett, the original chair of LepreCon 44, planned a radically different event at the Unexpected Art Gallery in March 2018, under the brand of Phoenix Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art Expo. He cancelled this in November 2017 and his resignation from the organisation prompted the election of Woody Bernardi, who moved the event back to June to allow time to build it.
  7. Robert McCammon cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19. Later, the entire convention was cancelled for the same reason.
  8. LepreCon 47 was originally to be chaired individually by Woody Bernardi, but it became a group effort by the board in January 2021, which included Woody. The five voting board members were Woody Bernardi (chair of LepreCon 44), Paul Tanton (chair of LepreCon 41 and then future chair of LepreCon 48), Mark Boniece (chair of Conflagration and LepreCons 27, 30 and 38), Dee Astell (chair of LepreCons 43 (Westercon 70) and 45) and Kathy Richardson (then future chair of LepreCon 49, though that convention had not yet been announced). No program book was produced.
  9. LepreCon 48 was originally to be chaired by Dee Astell, but she resigned from that position in 2020. Paul Tanton was later elected to succeed her but he also resigned, in 2021. On 7th February, 2022, the membership of LepreCon, Inc. voted to cancel LepreCons 48 and 49 (which hadn't yet been announced for 2023 but was also in doubt, after its elected chair Kathy Richardson resigned from that position in 2021), choosing instead to focus the organisation on their 50th convention in 2024.

Other Documents

Index of Ephemera

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Progress Report (8 MB)

LepreCon 9

Progress Report (11 MB)

LepreCon 11

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Flyer (2 MB)

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Progress Report (13 MB)

LepreCon 13

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Flyer (6 MB)
Pocket Program (8 MB)

LepreCon 15

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LepreCon 16

Hotel Card (3 MB)
Progress Report (12 MB)
Pocket Program (6 MB)

LepreCon 17

Flyer (3 MB)
LepreTimes for Friday (3 MB)
LepreTimes for Saturday (3 MB)

LepreCon 18

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LepreCon 19

Pocket Program (5 MB)
Japanese Animation Program (3 MB)

LepreCon 21

Flyer (2 MB)
Letter (3 MB)
Pocket Program (9 MB)

LepreCon 22

LepreCon Today (The Panels) (6 MB)
Pocket Program (5 MB)
Progress Report (22 MB)

LepreCon 23

Pocket Program (4 MB)
Progress Report (14 MB)

LepreCon 24

Flyer 1 (1 MB)
Flyer 2 (2 MB)
Flyer 3 (1 MB)
Flyer 4 (2 MB)
Progress Report 1 (15 MB)
Progress Report 2 (22 MB)
Pocket Program (3 MB)

LepreCon 25

Flyer 1 (1 MB)
Flyer 2 (2 MB)
Flyer 3 (1 MB)
Flyer 4 (2 MB)

LepreCon 26

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LepreCon 27

Pocket Program (5 MB)

LepreCon 28

Pocket Program (6 MB)
THEM Pocket Program (3 MB)

LepreCon 29

Progress Report (9 MB)
LepreCon Daily Frefanzine #1 (6 MB)
Pocket Program (5 MB)
Large Flyer (3 MB)
Small Flyer (1 MB)

LepreCon 30

Progress Report (12 MB)
Pocket Program (6 MB)

LepreCon 31

Progress Report 1 (1 MB)
Progress Report 2 (1 MB)
Pocket Program (6 MB)
Poster (4 MB)

LepreCon 32

Progress Report 1 (17 MB)
Pocket Program (6 MB)

LepreCon 33

Dealers Application Form (25k)
Flyer (50k)
Pocket Program (7 MB)

LepreCon 34

Bookmark (257k)
Flyer (1 MB)
Progress Report 1 (493k)

LepreCon 35

Flyer (with 36) (2 MB)

LepreCon 36

Dealers Room' Application Form (15k)
Gaming Events (50k)

LepreCon 39

Youth Badges (3 MB)

LepreCon 40

Ad (8 MB)

LepreCon 41

Brochure (12 MB)
CONflagration Gaming Grid (12 MB)
Flyer (116k)
Pocket Program (299k)
Poster (824k)

LepreCon 42

Gaming Guide (1 MB)
Program Guide (1 MB)

LepreCon 44

Flyer (1 MB)
Pocket Program (7 MB)
Programming Schedule - Friday (52k)
Programming Schedule - Saturday (59k)
Programming Schedule - Sunday (54k)

LepreCon 45

Pocket Program (427k)

High Quality Cover Scans

Here's a ZIP file (57 MB) of 300dpi scans of covers 10-40. 20 was cancelled and 35 was a fan gathering, so no program books were produced for those two events.

Program Book Covers

Click on the images below to open larger versions.

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