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OtherWorlds Festival


The OtherWorlds Festival was a fantasy event that grew out of the Phoenix Faerie Festival.

After a family health crisis forced that event into hiatus, the keys to the realm were handed to Goblin Market Master Robert Landensak, aka Mastor Castor. He was invited to make the dream his own, so he and his crew of creative fantasy fans refashioned the event into the OtherWorlds festival, inviting vampires, fur folk, haunts and mystics, along with a myriad of otherworldly inhabitants, to step through the portal and mix with mortals.

While the new vision and new name made this a new event, the connection to the Phoenix Faerie Festival was highlighted by Rowan Wakefield making an appearance as Queen Mab.

from Talon Bloodrayn:

'The OtherWorlds Festival isn't dead, just sleeping. In the meantime, the OtherWorlds Alliance has teamed up with the Phoenix Fire Gatherings to host the Hearthfire Gathering every January and the Baelfire Gathering every May, as well as sometimes assisting with other events such as Arizona Fur Con and the Phoenix Annual Parade for the Arts.'


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web
1 2013
23 Nov
24 Nov
Robert Landensak

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