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Outlaw Comicon


Outlaw Comicon was to be a comic book and pop culture convention in Phoenix in 2018. It was the idea of Mike Wheeler from the Comic Outlaws (comicoutlaws.com) online comic book store.

Controversial throughout its lifetime, to the degree that this local con to be got a lot of negative press from outside Arizona, it didn't surprise anyone when the dates changed, the venue changed (from the Phoenix Convention Center to WestWorld of Scottsdale) and the event drifted away from conversation, if never actually cancelled.

Even though it never happened, it will be remembered in Arizona fandom as a legendary trainwreck, the convention equivalent of Amy's Baking Company. For a peek down the rabbit hole, check out articles like Outlaw Comicon, Failing at Social Media, and How Not to Deal With Guests (nerdandtie.com) or More Phoenix Madness With Outlaw Comic Con And Grandma Elinor's House Of Quilts (bleedingcool.com).

Note: Outlaw Comicon was never officially cancelled. Mike Wheeler's unpredictable outbursts had prompted the deletion of all their social media accounts while it was still on the calendar, so they couldn't cancel there. In the end, fandom assumed cancellation when the domain lapsed and the website went with it. Comic Outlaws has since vanished too.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Book Web Notes
1 2018
16 Feb
18 Feb
Mike Wheeler 1


  1. Outlaw Comicon was cancelled.

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