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PhringeCon was a pop culture convention in Phoenix in the early eighties hosted by PhringeCon, Inc. for "people interested in the fringes of science fiction", those fringes apparently being what would become mainstream a couple of decades later. Just compare the guests to those of the now 100,000+ attended Phoenix Fan Fusion!

CASFS (the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society) resurrected the con at least once, in 1991 after PhringeCon, Inc. had ceased to be. In addition to a new sponsoring body, the convention committee was completely different, as the people who ran the first two had either moved out of state or were no longer involved in organising events in Arizona.

Cover artists (left to right) are J. D. "Chip" Craig, Greg Shirey (and inker Jay Willson) and Lela Downing.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chair Sponsor Guests Book Web
1 1980
11 Jul
13 Jul
Adams Hotel
Kathy Shirey PhringeCon, Inc. Chris Claremont
Walter Koenig
Stan Lee
Shirley Maiewski
George Takei
Bjo Trimble
Jack Williamson

33 MB
2 1981
5 Jun
7 Jun
Ramada Inn East
Kathy Shirey PhringeCon, Inc. Chris Claremont
James Doohan
John Naulin
Don Newton
Theodore Sturgeon
Jesco Von Puttkamer
Jayne Tannehill
Lucy Chase Williams

38 MB
3 1991
28 Jun
30 Jun
Phoenix Sheraton
Margaret Grady CASFS David Ayres
John Carl Buechler
Phil Fondacaro
Kandy Fong
Kane Hodder
Mike Jittlov
John Levene
Matt Marich
Ron Moore
Mike & Denise Okuda
Jerry Summers

51 MB


  1. James Doohan was unable to attend PhringeCon 2, due to having a massive heart attack a week or so before. He was replaced by Nichelle Nichols.

Other Documents

Index of Ephemera

PhringeCon 1

The Empire Strikes Back Flyer (2 MB)
Flyer (4 MB)
Merchandise Flyer (2 MB)
One (The Science Fiction Shop) Flyer (1 MB)
Pocket Program (6 MB)
Sci-Fi Emporium Flyer (1 MB)
Welcome Letter (4 MB)

PhringeCon 2

Collectors Marketplace Flyer (1 MB)
Flyer: Front and Back (199k)
Gaming Grid (3 MB)
The Hollywood Book and Poster Co. Flyer (2 MB)
Map (2 MB)
One (The Science Fiction Shop) Flyer (2 MB)
The Readerie Flyer (1 MB)
Star Wars Fan Club Flyer (2 MB)
Westercon 34 Flyer (2 MB)

PhringeCon 3

Flyers (7 MB)
Maps (2 MB)
Pocket Program (10 MB)

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