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Prologuecon was a convention of sorts that existed primarily to arrange rides to Westercons. At least three were held though only the third had a program book.

Arizona fans weren't well off in the mid-seventies, so they shared rides to and rooms at the regional convention, Westercon, which, at that point, was usually held in California. When Phoenix first held a Westercon in 1982, it marked only the fourth time it had been outside of CA in 35 years.

The two active sf fandom groups in Phoenix in 1974 were PCC (Phoenix Cosmic Circle), which met every Friday, and OSFFA (Organized Science Fiction Fans of Arizona), which met every Sunday. They joined forces the weekend before Westercon, combining these two regular meetings into an event with a party day in between.

I'm assuming that Epiloguecon was the same thing the weekend after Westercon, but without the need for rides to be arranged.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web Notes
1 1974
28 Jun
30 Jun
private residence
2 1975
27 Jun
29 Jun
private residence
3 1976
25 Jun
27 Jun
private residence
Jim Kennedy

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