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Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy World Exposition


The Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy World Exposition was a major convention held in 1977 in Tucson. It was billed as 'the event of the millennium', which sounds like a fair description given who and what was there. However, it appears to have only been held once. Fans ignored the awkward name and dubbed it Nudlecon, from the organiser, Robert Nudelman.

Beyond the astounding guestlist, it seems to have been a memorable event. Johnny Weissmuller celebrated his 73rd birthday with a party there. Charles A. Purchase and Raymond E. Mondoux refitted an original Apollo trainer to bring to the event. W. Scott Kardel, now a college professor but then a fourteen year old fan, described the con as 'seriously awesome' in a blog post called Encounters with Greatness (blogspot.com). He focuses on James Doohan, but also mentions Robert Heinlein, Charles Conrad and Carl Sagan, none of whom were listed on the ad that you can see below.

It also apparently 'nearly killed' David J. Schow, whose essay about it, Bloodstock: Four Days of Stress, Chaos and Wonderment, originally published in Monsters from the Vault #27 and later collected in DJStopia, was nominated for a Rondo Award in 2011. The first two pages can be read at Monsters from the Vault (monstersfromthevault.com) for free.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web Notes
1 1977
2 Jun
5 Jun
Tucson Marriott Hotel
Robert Nudelman L. B. Abbott
John Agar
Poul Anderson
Jack Arnold
Tex Avery
Mel Blanc
Robert Bloch
Lin Carter
Roger Corman
Buster Crabbe
Jim Danforth
Gordon Dickson
James Doohan
Harlan Ellison
Philip José Farmer
Frank Kelly Freas
Arnold Gillespie
Chuck Jones
Jeff Jones
Robert McCall
George Pal
Frederik Pohl
William Tuttle
A. E. van Vogt
Albert Whitlock
Jack Williamson
Robert Wise
Roger Zelazny

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