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Tucson OddCon


Tucson OddCon (whenwhereco.com) is a one day "expo of all things unusual, obscure, and strange", organised by the When + Where Co (whenwhereco.com) market space in Tucson.


When + Where started up in May 2019 and opened their Tucson store on Halloween. Sensing the need to engage the community through hosting events, they created the Tucson Oddities Market, a vendor-centric event expecting 1,000 attendees but getting 4,000.

For 2020, they planned a larger convention on the same theme at the Tucson Expo Center but went through a couple of quick name changes to avoid clashing with other events, first Tucson Oddities Expo and then Tucson OddCon.

It plans to expand to Phoenix in the fall of 2020 with details to come.

The image in the poster above is by Lisa Cardenas (hauntedhands.com).


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair GoHs Book Web Notes
1 2019
24 Aug
Tucson Expo Center
Bridgett Lane


  1. Tucson OddCon 2 was postponed from April to the fall because of COVID-19. The new date was later announced as Saturday, 24th August.

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