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Tucson TerrorFest


Tucson TerrorFest and Horror Convention is an annual horror film festival in Tucson with a convention added in year 9.


Tucson TerrorFest (tucsonterrorfest.org) was founded in 2011 as a horror film festival, showing indie horror films at the Screening Room in Tucson over three days, Thursday to Saturday. It's run by David Pike, who also runs the Arizona Underground Film Festival.

Unlike Phoenix FearCon, it never really had a convention aspect from the beginning that grew over time. Instead it chose to add the convention in 2019 for year 9, with the film festival running for four days, Thursday to Sunday, at the Screening Room, but the convention just on the two day weekend at the RiverPark Inn. Also, the film festival is ticketed but the convention is free.

The table below documents the convention only.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chair GoHs Book Web Notes
1 2019
26 Oct
27 Oct
Ramada Tucson
David Pike

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