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Westercon is an active annual regional convention dedicated to science fiction and fantasy that moves around the western third of North America.

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Walter J. "Doc" Daugherty of LASFS (lasfs.org), the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, realising that science fiction's premiere convention, Worldcon (the World Science Fiction Convention) was likely to continue to be held primarily in eastern states, proposed that a similar event be created for fans on the west coast who couldn't afford to travel to Worldcon each year.

LASFS therefore set up Westercon, hosting the first event in Los Angeles, CA in 1948. It's still owned by LASFS today but is hosted by different organisations in different cities each year, with the host group chosen through a bid process. Arizona has hosted it on six occasions, most recently in 2017.

Initially, it was very much a California convention, with its first trip to another state being for Westercon 12 in Seattle, WA and its first out of the United States for Westercon 30 in Vancouver, BC. The first Westercons to be held in Arizona were 35 and 41, both in Phoenix.

Soon after, however, it began to travel much more. In 1990, with no two previous Westercons in a row having been held outside of California, Westercon 43 in Portland, OR, was followed by three other non-California Westercons, including another in Phoenix. This was when the con began to alternate between north, central and south regions. It's been as far east as El Paso, TX, as far west as Honolulu, HI and as far north as Calgary, AB.

Arizona has hosted Westercon six times, all in the Phoenix metropolitan area, including one in Litchfield Park and two in Tempe. Local groups have also lost bids to host it on many other occasions, as recently as 2019.

Most Recent Program Book Covers

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Chronology of Arizona Conventions | Index of Program Books

# Date Location Chair Sponsor GoHs Book Web Notes
35 1982
2 Jul
5 Jul
Phoenix Hilton
Randy Rau CASFS Pro: Gordon R. Dickson
Fan: Fran Skene
Special: Robert Asprin

80 MB
41 1988
1 Jul
4 Jul
Hyatt Regency
The Sheraton
Terry Gish Pro: Robert Silverberg
Artist: Real Musgrave
Fan: Craig Miller

83 MB
45 1992
2 Jul
5 Jul
Omni Adams
Bruce Farr CASFS Pro: Jennifer Roberson
Artist: Rick Sternbach
Fan: Pat Mueller

96 MB
57 2004
2 Jul
5 Jul
Wigwam Resort
Litchfield Park
Craig Dyer WesternSFA Author: C. J. Cherryh
Artist: David Cherry
Music: Heather Alexander
Local Author: Diana Gabaldon
Media: Virginia Hey
Fan: John Hertz

140 MB
62 2009
2 Jul
5 Jul
Tempe Mission Palms
Mike Willmoth LepreCon, Inc. Artist: Todd Lockwood
Writer: Alan Dean Foster
Editor: Stanley Schmidt
Fans: Jim & Doreen Webbert
Toastmasters: Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden

6 MB
70 2017
1 Jul
4 Jul
Tempe Mission Palms
Dee Astell LepreCon, Inc. Artist: Julie Dillon
Local Artist: Tom Deadstuff
Author: Connie Willis
Local Author: Gini Koch
Fans: Val & Ron Ontell
Filk: Tim Griffin
Science: Henry Vanderbilt
Special Artist: Larry Elmore
Special Media: John & Bjo Trimble
Toastmaster: Weston Ochse

87 MB


  1. Westercon 45 was branded Westercolt 45.
  2. Westercon 57 was branded ConKopelli. C. J. Cherryh was unable to attend due to illness.
  3. Westercon 62 was branded FiestaCon.
  4. Westercon 70 was branded ConAlope and was also LepreCon 43.


57 62 70
2004 2009 2017
748 603 608

Other Documents

Index of Ephemera

Westercon 35

Flyer (2 MB)
Messenger Mountain #1 (5 MB)
Messenger Mountain #2 (5 MB)
Messenger Mountain #3 (5 MB)
Pocket Program (8 MB)
Progress Report 0 (6 MB)
Progress Report 1 (9 MB)
Progress Report 2 (13 MB)
Progress Report 4 (18 MB)

Westercon 41

Multi-Purpose Application Form (237k)
Progress Report 2 (5 MB)
Progress Report 3 (14 MB)
The World-Tribune Insider #2 (7 MB)

Westercon 45

Bullet-In Thursday (5 MB)
Bullet-In Friday (5 MB)
Bullet-In Saturday (5 MB)
Envelope (196k)
Flyer (5 MB)
HexaCon Flyer (16 MB)
Letterhead (468k)
Minstrels of the Milky Way (newspaper clipping)
Pocket Program (11 MB)
Programming & Scheduling Participant Invitation (31 MB)
Progress Report 2 (5 MB)
Progress Report 3 (73 MB)
Restaurant and Merchant Guide (12 MB)
Volunteer Hoedown (2 MB)

Westercon 57

Autograph Schedule (14k)
Docent Tour Schedule (7k)
Fireplace Lounge Schedule (14k)
Programming (100k)
Progress Report 1 (1 MB)
Progress Report 2 (110k)
Progress Report 3 (221k)
Progress Report 4 (701k)

Westercon 62

Art Show Files (24k)
Flyer (71k)
Masquerade Files (47k)
Progress Report 1 (204k)
Progress Report 2 (255k)
Progress Report 3 (2 MB)
Progress Report 4 (599k)
The Whole Enchilada (10 issues) (6.2 MB)

Westercon 70

Art Show Files (1.2 MB)
Dealers' Room Agreement (152k)
Dealers' Room Application Form (203k)
Saturday Room Schedules (2 MB)
Sunday Room Schedules (3 MB)
Monday Room Schedules (3 MB)
Tuesday Room Schedules (3 MB)
Gaming Grid (84k)
The Jackalopian (5 issues) (2.3 MB)
Masquerade Hints and Suggestions (81k)
Masquerade Judges' Instructions (81k)
Masquerade Registration Form (81k)
Pocket Program (81k)
Postcard (683k)
Press Release (April 2017) (164k)
Progress Report 0 (1 MB)
Progress Report 1 (570k)
Progress Report 1.5 (139k)
Progress Report 2 (8 MB)
Site Selection Ballot (83k)
TusCon 43 Room Party Flyer (89k)

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Program Book Covers Including Westercons Outside Arizona

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