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WestFest Tucson


WestFest Tucson (tvwestfest.com) is a fan-run western themed convention focused on celebrities known for their television work.

The event was held at Casino del Sol on Pascua Yaqui land, but included side trips to the Ponderosa II, Old Tucson and Mescal studios and movie sets.


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# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web
1 2023
16 Mar
19 Mar
Casino del Sol
see below


As a guest-centric event, WestFest Tucson has too many guests to comfortably list in the table above. Here they are in more readable form:

2014: Robert Carradine, Michael Dante, Steve DeFrance, Mary Reese Hampton, Darby Hinton, Andy Klyde, Jeff McCarroll, Wyatt McCrea, Michael McGreevey, Dr. Buck Montgomery, Rudy Ramos, Roberta Shore, Charlotte Stewart, Bo Svenson and Mitch Vogel.

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