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Worldcon (the World Science Fiction Convention) is the premiere science fiction convention in the world. It's owned by the World Science Fiction Society and is the event where the Hugos are awarded.

It travels, hosted annually by different organisations around the world who bid for the privilege, It was first held in New York in 1939. Arizona has hosted it once.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Sponsor Guests Book Notes
36 1978
30 Aug
4 Sep
Hyatt Regency
Adams House
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix Symphony Hall
Tim Kyger privately
Pro: Harlan Ellison
Fan: Bill Bowers
Toastmaster: F. M. Busby

272 MB


  1. Worldcon 36 was officially branded Iguanacon II as a fannish joke. There was no Iguanacon I outside of a fake con report in the Garuda 2 fanzine by a cat called Sam X.
  2. The chair was Greg Brown up until six months before the con, when Tim Kyger took over.

Other Documents

Index of Ephemera

Worldcon 36

1980 Worldcon Site Selection Ballot (4 MB)
Ad in MidAmeriCon PR5 (791k)
Arizona Blood Services (5 MB)
Autograph Parties (2 MB)
Cassette Communications Corporation Order Form (4 MB)
Flyer (5 MB)
Hugo Final Ballot (6 MB)
Masquerade Information (6 MB)
Operations Manual (36 MB)
Pocket Program (7 MB)
Progress Report 1 (65 MB)
Progress Report 2 (63 MB)
Progress Report 3 (124 MB)
Son of Progress Report 3 (6 MB)
Progress Report 4 (83 MB)
Progress Report 4.5 (3 MB)
Progress Report 5 (22 MB)
The Teachings of Don-Juan Kenobi (6 MB)
Watership Down Screening Poster (3 MB)

Worldcon 45 (Bid Only)

Progress Report C-8 (13 MB)
Progress Report C-6 and C-7 (9 MB)

Audio Recordings

These are 320k mp3 encodings, mostly of panel recordings originally released by Cassette Communications Corporation (see their order form above).

Art as an Outlet for Changemakers (Jeanne Gomoll, D. C. Fontana, Virginia Aalko, C. J. Cherryh) (1:07:09, 161 MB)
CHRYSE 2: Politics of the Space Revolution (45:07, 108 MB)
Critic's Circle (Bill Patterson, Avedon Carol, Mike Glyer, Gary Farber, Tom Perry, Ted White) (1:04:03, 154 MB)
Dialogue (Samuel R. Delany, Robert Silverberg) (44:39, 107 MB)
Editing the Future, 1939 to 1978 (Ben Bova, Frederik Pohl) (1:01:24, 147 MB)
Frontiers in Brain Research (Dr. John Eric Holmes) (1:29:21, 215 MB)
The Illustrator's Lot (Kelly Freas, Bonnie Dalzell, Freff) (1:21:58, 197 MB)
Life on a Neutron Star (Dr. Robert L. Forward) (1:28:18, 212 MB)
L-5 Symposium (Carolyn Henson, Mack Reynolds, Joe Haldeman) (1:13:28, 176 MB)
My Secret Life as a Mystery Writer (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Poul Anderson, Karen Anderson, C. L. Grant) (58:36, 141 MB)
New Writers in Profile (David Dvorkin, Alriman, Paul Novitski) (1:13:00, 175 MB)
Personalzines: Questions (Susan Wood, Pat Mueller, Richard Harter) (44:11, 106 MB)
Regional Fandoms (Andrew Brown, Bruce Arthurs, Irving Coach, Tom Digby, Bill Bars) (159 MB)
Samuel R. Delany Interviewed (Paul Novitski, Samuel R. Delany) (1:13:15, 176 MB)
Schizoid Man: The Writer/Editor (Dr. Joseph Patrouch, Terry Carr, Frederik Pohl, Damon Knight, Ben Bova) (30:39, 74 MB)
Slan Shacks (Loren MacGregor, Alva Rogers, Pat Mueller) (44:44, 107 MB)
A Tolkien Salute (Doris Robin, Richard West, Randall Helms, Jim Allan, Bjo Trimble, Ian Ballantine, Lin Carter, Diana Paxson, Jack Harness, Marion Zimmer Bradley) (58:22, 140 MB)
Unexplored Archetypes and Mythologies (Octavia Butler, William Wu, Diana Paxson, Paul Edwin Zimmer) (1:14:39, 179 MB)
What is an MCP? (Karen Pearlschtein, Avedon Carol and others) (1:28:41, 213 MB)

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efanzines.com hosts PDFs of science fiction fanzines and File 770 #7 was an Iguanacon special issue.

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