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Welcome to AZFandom.org, a site dedicated to Arizona fandom from its beginnings in the late 1960s to its future in the years to come.

There's a lot of information here! Scroll down or visit a more slimline index.

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Convention Calendar

We maintain a calendar of all fandom conventions being held in Arizona, with links to the event websites and social media, Google maps and event histories.

Click here for this year's list:

Alternatively, check out past, present or future calendars by year:

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024


We maintain a single Google Map showing the locations of all Arizona conventions.

This shows all 2020 conventions by default, but previous years are being populated as different layers for you to choose if you want.

Convention History

We maintain an Arizona Convention History, detailing all the fandom conventions we know about that have been held or announced in Arizona going back to Phoenix Con in 1970, detailing dates, venues, chairs, guests and other information. Each page also links to any publications we're hosting for that convention.

The Chronology of Arizona Conventions page shows how conventions have grown in Arizona over the years and how they change over time.

The Status of Arizona Conventions page shows which conventions are currently active, on hiatus, sadly gone for good and which were never held at all.

The Bids We Won and Lost details which regional conventions we've bid to run here in Arizona, whether we won the votes or not and other key information about these bids.

We have a lot of information here but we know there's more that we haven't found yet. Here are the cons that we're currently Researching. If you have any information on these, or any other cons we don't have listed, please e-mail us.


We're currently hosting over 12 GB of documents in PDF form with another 1 GB as JPGs. Click here to go to our Publications Archive or focus on a particular type of publication:

Program Books are the primary guides to what's happening at conventions.

Newsletters are focused publications usually sent out through the mail, to members of specific groups.

Fanzines are fan-created publications, made for the sheer heck of it, and Phoenix was a hotbed of activity in this area in the early seventies.

Newszines are more professional publications but still run by fans to keep them up to date with what's going on in fandom.

Ephemera includes progress reports, flyers, pocket programs, gaming grids, daily publications at conventions and all sorts of other printed material.

If you have anything we don't, either as a digital file or a physical copy that we could scan, please e-mail us.


We maintain a list of Arizona Fandom Groups, past and present.


We maintain a list of Arizona Authors, past and present, with their bibliographies.


Here's A Brief History of Arizona Fandom that I wrote for the Westercon 70 Program Guide.


Many useful sites vanish from the web. I'll be archiving what I can in the best form possible. Here's Carol de Priest's TusCon's Illustrated History Pages as a start.


And just in case you're monitoring this site for changes, here's a Changelog of updates, begun on 21 May 2016 after the bulk of the site went live.

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