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Artists Assemble Horror Fest


Artists Assemble Horror Fest is a new horror convention in Phoenix for 2022 run by Artists Assemble Productions.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web Notes
1 2022
21 Oct
23 Oct
Sheraton Crescent Hotel
see below
2 2023
20 Oct
22 Oct
Sheraton Crescent Hotel
see below
3 2024
11 Oct
13 Oct
Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West
see below


As a guest-centric event, Artists Assemble Horror Fest has too many guests to comfortably list in the table above. Here they are in more readable form:

2022: Matty Cardarople, Lance Caver, Todd Cook, Andrew Divoff, Sandy Johnson, Oliver Robins, Jackson Robert Scott, Mark Steger.

2023: Amanda Bearse, Lnace Caver, Todd Cook, Gabriel Echols, Jay Fotos, Stephen Geoffreys, Sean Gunn, Andrey Ivchenko, Camille Keaton, Heather Matarazzo, Kerry McGuire, Victoria Paege, William Ragsdale, Tone Rodriguez, Brinke Stevens, Alyssa Sutherland.

2024: Noah Hathaway, Laurence Mason, Julian Richings, Houston Towe.

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