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Phoenix Fan Fest


In 2014, Square Egg Entertainment, which had just hosted its thirteenth annual summer event, Phoenix Comicon, announced an expansion to a second event in the winter, which they called Fan Fest.

The first two events were held in December at the University of Phoenix Stadium under the banner of Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest. These were much more vendor-focused than Phoenix Comicon, with fewer media guests and almost no programming. They ran three days.

The third event changed considerably and was rebranded simply Phoenix Fan Fest to acknowledge that. Because of rising venue costs, it was moved to the Phoenix Convention Center to be consistent with other Square Egg events. Because of limited availability at that venue, it was also moved to mid-October and, because of poor Friday attendance, it became a two day event. Guests were bulked up a little, with prominent wrestlers, and programming was expanded a great deal.

The fourth event moved again, to November, with fresh changes to the logistics of the convention. 2017 also saw an expansion into Minnesota.

After Phoenix Comic Fest 2018, Square Egg announced that Phoenix Fan Fest was discontinued.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

# Date Location Book Web Notes
1 2014
12 Dec
14 Dec
University of Phoenix Stadium

33 MB
2 2015
4 Dec
6 Dec
University of Phoenix Stadium

63 MB

Phoenix Fan Fest

# Date Location Book Web Notes
3 2016
22 Oct
23 Oct
Phoenix Convention Center
4 2017
11 Nov
12 Nov
Phoenix Convention Center


Even with notably fewer guests than its sister event, Fan Fest still has too many guests to list in the table above. Here are the guests listed in each event's program book (following the alphabetising by first name that Fan Fest uses):

2014: Alé Garza, Andy MacDonald, Anthony Winn, Autumn Ivy, Ben Browder, Brandon Peterson, Brian & Kristy Miller, Bob Layton, Colin Baker, David Nakayama, David Ramsey, Eddie McClintock, Franchesco, Ian Snyder, Ivan Brandon, Jae Lee, James A. Owen, Jason Latour, Jennifer Blanc Biehn, John Stinsman, Linda Blair, Marat Mychaels, Michael Biehn, Mike Choi, Mike Mayhew, Mike S. Miller, Neal Adams, Nei Ruffino, Norm Rapmund, Paul McGann, Raven Gregory, Scott Kolins, Sean Galloway, Shannon Eric Denton, Steve Niles, Tom Skerritt, Tony Parker and Whilce Portacio.

2015: Alan Oppenheimer, Autumn Ivy, Aaron Lopresti, Alaina Huffman, Alé Garza, Andrew Robinson, Brian Augustyn, Brian Pulido, Brian & Kristy Miller, Cully Hamner, Dave Johnson, Denise Crosby, Dirk Benedict, Don Rosa, Frank Beddor, Gareth David Lloyd, Eric Mengel, Gene Ha, James A. Owen, Jay Fotos, John Stinsman, Josh Blaylock, Julian Richings, Karen Gillan, Kevin Sorbo, Livio Ramondelli, Marat Mychaels, Michael Maclean, Larry Hama, Mark Irwin, Melendy Britt, Mike Debalfo, Mike S. Miller, Sean Maher, Morgan Sheppard, Raven Gregory, Ryan Cody, Shannon Denton, Braden Lamb & Shellie Paroline, Sina Grace, Tom Cook, Tom Hodges, Tom Lenk, Tim Seeley, Travis Hanson and Val Hochberg.

2016: Albert Morales, Brie & Nikki Bella, Bob Layton, Brett Dalton, Brian Augustyn, Brian Pulido, Daniel Bryan, Dave Beaty, David Harbour, Elizabeth Henstridge, Honky Tonk Man, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, James A. Owen, Jason Gonzalez, Jay Fotos, Jeff Pina, John Cena, John Tyler Christopher, Marat Mychaels, Mike Debalfo, Millie Bobby Brown, Nei Ruffino, Raven Gregory, Tahmoh Penikett, Tim Rose and Val Hochberg.

2017: A. J. Michalka, Ernie Hudson, Gail Kim, Grace Rolek, Kevin McNally, Mallory Jansen and Zach Callison

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Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 1

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1. Attendance at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 1 was 11,403.

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