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Phoenix Con


Phoenix Con was a comic book convention in Phoenix that currently appears to be the oldest fandom event in Arizona. The first Phoenix Con was held in 1970 with a second following a year and a half later.

At least the second was hosted by Phoenix Fans of Art and Nostalgia (PFAN), though the key players were all members of the Phoenix Comic Club, which later became Collector's Marketplace. The founder was Bruce Hamilton, a DJ for Scottsdale's KBUZ, who later made a major name for himself in the comics industry.

This convention is unrelated to the later PhoenixCon that was hosted in 1985.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Sponsor Guests Book Notes
1 1970
27 Nov
29 Nov
Ramada Inn
Bruce Hamilton Carl Barks 1
2 1972
16 Jun
18 Jun
Arizona State University
Bruce Hamilton
Don Newton
PFAN C. C. Beck
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I built the PDF from images at Alex Jay's Tenth Letter of the Alphabet blog, which also features photos and newspaper clippings.

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