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LepreCon 6 was cancelled three weeks out from the event because of hotel problems at the Hyatt Regency. The Guests of Honor would have been Gordon R. Dickson and Milt Stevens.

AlterCon is what Terry Gish called, in her retrospective of LepreCons 6 to 10 in the LepreCon 11 program book, a 'hastily organized relaxicon' to replace it. It was a one-off event that attracted around 100 attendees; LepreCon continued on with LepreCon 7 in 1981.

She also mentions that the hotel was, on the Saturday night, 'infested with high schoolers attending their prom. We all survived.'

The AlterCon name was brought out of mothballs 14 years later when the hotel booked for LepreCon 20 cancelled their contract because of something done by a previous group.


Chronology of Arizona Conventions

# Date Location Chair Guests Book Web
1 1980
2 May
4 May
Caravan Inn
Pro: Evangeline Walton
Fan: Sharon Maples
2 1994
Country Inn & Suites

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